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       Acoustic Arts Sdn. Bhd.

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Where recreating live musical events and the excitement of a movie theatre matters







We are a group of highly trained and dedicated professionals with over 15 years experience in audio and home entertainment business.  All our employees have gone through Lucasfilm’s THX training at Skywalker ranch in California (The Definitive Training Centre for Home Theatre) in setting up and calibration of Home Theatre systems . We are also certified ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) technicians in video calibration.  When you purchase from us, you can be sure of getting the best professional set-up of the most exciting/advance Hi-Fi/AV equipment. We bring the ultimate audio and video experience to your home!

We are importer and retailer of Balanced Audio Technology, Creek, Epos and Straight Wire.  Creek and Epos products have been an integral part of the British hi-fi industry for well over twenty years. During that time, the company has not deviated from its original philosophy to produce a high quality yet affordable range of amplifiers, tuners and CD products. Value for money is at the core of the company's thinking.  The people in Balanced Audio Technology share your passion for music. The company's founders, Steve Bednarski and Victor Khomenko, grew up half a world apart, but both were captivated early by the magic of recorded sound. They met as adults, having established successful careers at high-tech leader Hewlett-Packard. As experienced audio enthusiasts, they became increasingly convinced that they could produce components that sounded better than anything commercially available. Balanced Audio Technology was formed to make that conviction a reality. 

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